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Can I use my own maintenance person?
As they respond and complete the work in a timely manner, the choice is yours.

Do you charge the tenant a security deposit? What about a pet fee?
Yes. Our policy is that the security deposit is typically equal to the first month's rent. Pets are not allowed without your permission. When pets are allowed, an additional pet fee of $25.00/month, per pet is charged.  Any damage above and beyond the pet deposit remains the tenant’s responsibility.

Do you hold back my funds for potential costs?
No.  We ask that a check be sent within 10 days after statements are issued for any balance due.

Do you use a standard lease agreement?

No, our lease is a constantly evolving document that is changed with every lesson we learn.  Many lessons in court and those from other investors over the last 15 years has been reflected in our lease to protect our owners.

How long can a tenant stay without paying rent?
C2C issues the first required notice on the 7th of each month.  This notice gives a tenant 7 days to pay the amount due.  If the amount due is not paid by the 15th of the month, the case is then sent to court.  Once we attend our court date, the judge will give 10 additional days to pay or eviction can be ordered.  Once we have the court order it is good for 56 days, during which time an arrangement agreeable to the owner and the tenant can be reached to avoid eviction.

What should I consider when choosing a property manager?
Interviewing your management team and feeling comfortable with your point of contact is one of the most important factors.  Property management requires trust to make a good relationship.  C2C will be happy to make a free assessment appointment so that you can meet our Property Manager and decide for yourself.

Why should I hire C2C as a property manager?
We have made significant growth each year working only from client and agent referrals.  The entire team at C2C takes pride in what we do and treats your property as though it were our own.

Will I be notified if a repair is needed?
We email each owner with any repair order that is reported. Most repairs and maintenance issues are standard and completed for a nominal charge.  If the repair turns into something more serious, we will then email with the contractors findings, quotes and recommendations for approval. 

Will I receive a statement each month?
Owners statements are emailed or mailed on the 15th of each month or the next business day should the 15th fall on a weekend.  Each statement will have detailed line items showing rent income and charges. 

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